About me

My name is Charis Ayuk, also known as Arrahdasoul. I enjoy writing whenever I get bitten by that particular “bug” and when this happens, it’s always a sure flow. This is just an opportunity I’ve taken advantage of to express my musings and share them at the same time.

“Writing has become the catharsis for my soul.”

–  Arrahdasoul

Disclaimer: Pictures used are not mine but they were so lovely I could not resist sharing them from whence I found them.

PS. I hope to post new updates every other Friday.


6 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. If you’re using a phone, scroll down from my introduction page and you’ll find a line up of the poems after it. Or if you’re on a PC, the poems are on the right hand side of the introduction page. You may also please subscribe to my blog to get instant updates. Thanks again and have a brilliant day!


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